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Poster: Classic_TV_and_Radio_Fan Date: Sep 11, 2008 5:11am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Things you may not know about "The Trouble with Tracy"

1. It was the first sitcom to feature a telephone in every room.
2. If you drink one glass of beer everytime a wall wobbles, You'll die!
3. The lead actress has never appeared in a comedy before.
4. Despite the canadian accents, there is a US flag in every room.
5. "Tracy's clothing by Simpsons".
6. It's Seto Kaiba's favourite TV series
7. Seto Kaiba is an idiot
8. It had very high production values: The "beach" set consisted of a painted wall.
9. It was based on "Easy Aces" scripts..No seriously, it was!
10. Each TV version of "Easy Aces" made before had only got OK ratings. "The Trouble with Tracy" stopped this trend. It bombed.
11. The production company destroyed almost every episode some time after it was cancelled.
12. It will not enter the public domain for many more years.
13. Despite popular demand, the surviving episodes of "The Trouble with Tracy" will not be destroyed.